‘Don’t go and disrupt Durbar,’ Kwara Rebuilders warns Saraki, other politicians

Kwara Rebuilders has warned politically exposed persons to desist from actions that are capable of disrupting this year’s Durbar, noting the peace and harmony of the Ilorin Emirate is larger than their personal interests.

The group said the Ilorin Durbar is a cultural event, and the move by some desperate politicians to turn it to a campaign ground after the election has been won and lost is most distasteful.

Kwara Rebuilders was speaking in a statement issued on Tuesday by its Publicity Secretary Abdullah Abdulganiy ahead of the Durbar celebration.

“We have seen a phony group so named Ilorin Emirate Awareness Group (IEAG) throwing baseless accusations around and trying to politicise the annual Durbar in a bid to please opposition leader Mr. Bukola Saraki. This group and its alter egos should take caution that the Durbar is a wholly cultural event. It’s not a ground to hail Bukola Saraki or campaign for the opposition party. After all, the electoral period has gone, and candidates have won and lost.

“The ritual by opposition politicians in the state to turn cultural and religious events to a political ground is worrisome. Politics has its platforms for people to test their popularity, and cultural/religious events are not one of them. We saw the video clips from eid praying ground under the tent of the Emir of Ilorin where some rented fellows were chanting the praises of Saraki. Is the eid now a political party secretariat or a political function? Saraki should caution his loyalists and tell them to use their energy during the election period. There is no place for disruption of our heritage in Kwara State.

“We had in a previous year taken exception to how the convoy of the same opposition leader Saraki was throwing wads of naira notes in an inhuman and disrespectful manner at people on his way to the Ilorin Central Mosque for Juma’h prayers. This trend is becoming alarming, and we are afraid these politicians are not ready to change their ways that represent an abuse of our culture, religion and national symbols.

“Although we have seen the statement by the former senate president saying that he would not be attending the event. We are however not swayed by that. We have genuine concerns about underhanded mobilisation and instructions to some roughnecks to boo other federal lawmakers, other leaders, especially Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq to soil his good image. This nefarious act is being staged in the guise of a show of frustration with economic challenges that are not of his own making. But that is neither the place nor the time for shows. We urge the public to be careful not to be hoodwinked by these bad eggs.”

Kwara Rebuilders said it’s not too late for Mr. Bukola Saraki to address this messy issue involving himself and his loyalists and turn a new leaf.

“Ilorin in particular and Kwara State in general are renowned for peace and tranquility. No politician should disrupt our longstanding peaceful atmosphere due to their personal interests.

“On this note, we call on our security agencies including the DSS, Police to take urgent preventive measures that will stall the plots of desperate politicians to disrupt a cultural event that unites all sons and daughters of the Emirate. It’s a platform to showcase our culture and heritage, and not for political contests or supremacy battles. We are particularly worried that people from around the world are watching and observing Ilorin as they have interest in the Durbar festival as one of the beautiful cultural displays in Nigeria, West Africa’s most populous country. Our security agencies should therefore forestall the breakdown of law and order by disgruntled elements bent on inciting public disturbance due to political loyalties and solidarities.”

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