Echoes of Ogun: Celebrating Wole Soyinka, by Babafemi Ojudu

Please join us on July 13 at The Farm to celebrate WS, our own Wole Soyinka, in Ado Ekiti. There will be plenty of wine, sourced either from my grandfather’s aletu in Omioloye Farm or the vineyards of South Africa. Bacchus himself must make an appearance to honour Eni Ogun.

There is no better place to celebrate and honour Wole Soyinka than in Ekiti, where Ogun himself hailed from and his spirit reigns supreme. As you may know, the chaos Ogun caused in Ire Ekiti, his hometown, upon returning from his exploits, only to find an empty gourd of palm wine. In his thirst and fury, he unleashed his machete, slaughtering everyone in sight. We will not make that mistake on Eni Ogun’s day.

Dear friends and lovers of good writing, as well as those who have made the quest for a better Nigeria their life’s calling, I invite you to come and listen to the readings of his works. There will be a *Telephone Conversation*; the *King’s Horseman* will reincarnate on that day, and many comrades from across the country have promised to *Set Forth at Dawn* for Ado Ekiti to witness *The Man Died*.

Let’s not forget to acknowledge the ongoing struggle for a better Nigeria, inspired by Soyinka’s commitment to justice, freedom, and truth as depicted in *The Interpreters* and *Season of Anomy*.

Join us in honouring Wole Soyinka with readings and performances that will include *A Dance of the Forests*, where we can reflect on the interconnectedness of life, and perhaps even share in *Ake: The Years of Childhood*, reminiscing about the formative years that shaped this literary giant. Brother Jero has promised to leave Lagos early with the promise of prompt attendance. Say Tokyo Kid, Chume, and Kongi—the dictator—will also be there. Simon and Jane Pilkings will make an appearance from the colonial land. Olunde has already checked into a hotel in Ado, arriving days before. Wild Christian and Essay both sent their apologies, but they will be watching over us on Saturday with joy and exhilaration that their precocious, troublesome son, Wole, in the face of all the troubles, made it to 90.
The hunters of the world have promised to be there to honour one of their own.

So, bring your copies of his works, your love for literature, and your passion for a brighter future as we celebrate the remarkable life and legacy of Wole Soyinka. Together, let’s avoid the wrath of Ogun and instead, revel in the wisdom and wit of one of Nigeria’s greatest minds. See you there!

  • The News Nigeria first published this article.

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