I don’t see myself continuing in Fuji music, says Adewale Ayuba

By Tosin Brown

Popular Fuji music maestro Adewale Ayuba has opined that he doesn’t see himself continuing his known career as a Fuji musician after relocating to the United States of America.

‘‘I don’t see myself continuing in Fuji music; I believe I have done well, and this is America; there’s more to explore in life, trusting that God has a plan,’’ he said in a recent podcast that has now gone viral.

Continuing, he said, “I’ve gradually developed a passion for education since day one. I envision myself as a lecturer or teacher whenever asked about my aspirations. Completing my bachelor’s, pursuing a master’s, and eventually obtaining a PhD to achieve this goal.”

The music star, who is widely referred to as Mr Johnson, also used the opportunity to share the reasons behind his conversion from Islam to Christianity.

He said, “People claim Ayuba is a Muslim. Have they seen me in the mosque? If I were practising Islam, wouldn’t someone have noticed? Why is this an issue? Can they let me be? They say I should pray five times daily, but I’m not; yet, no one has approached me. Perhaps they’re indifferent to my life.

“My mother is an Alhaja, and although my father never went to Mecca, we practise Islam at home. So, my name is Ayub, which is Job in the Bible. When you mention Anabi Isa, you’re referring to Jesus Christ. I need help understanding Arabic. It’s not that being a Muslim is good or bad. When I attempted to practise it, I had to summon some Alfas to help me communicate with God because I didn’t understand Arabic. I questioned whether I should continue despite all that God has done for me, needing others to intercede on my behalf.”

Ayuba, who began his music career as a teenager and released his first album, ‘Ibere (beginning)’ in 1986, is famous for albums like ‘Bubble’, ‘Turn Me On’, ‘’Ijo Fuji’ and ‘Koloba Koloba.’

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