Idimu Day Celebration: Nollywood actor, Lawori accuses Koko Zaria of orchestrating his attack

By Tosin Brown

Nollywood actor Ibrahim Bello Sanya, also known as Baba Lawori, has accused Ganiyu Oyedepo, a Lagos chieftain of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) known as Koko Zaria, of orchestrating an attack on him during the 2024 Idimu Day celebration.

In a video shared by an X user, Oyindamola, early Monday, Baba Lawori recounted how a bottle of alcoholic drink was smashed on his head at the event, where he was one of the Masters of Ceremony. The incident took place on Tuesday, June 25, 2024.

Displaying the stitched wound on his head, Baba Lawori pleaded for support from Nigerians to seek justice for the unprovoked attack.

He narrated, “As I went to meet Koko Zaria to greet him, he asked if I didn’t see them here. I apologized and said I would do the needful when I returned to the stage. I then heard somebody ask if I was Lawori. Thinking that he didn’t know me, it was later confirmed to him that I’m Lawori. While I was talking with Koko Zaria and turned, the man took a bottle of Martell and broke it on my head.”

The actor added that he lost consciousness and was drenched in his own blood. He could only recall his head being stitched at the hospital, causing him significant pain.

“Nigerians, please help me. It was Koko Zaria who sent someone to call me. Save me from Koko Zaria, I don’t know my offence to him,” he pleaded.

Reacting to the accusation via Instagram on Monday, July 1, 2024, Koko Zaria denied the allegation, stating, “Lawori has never offended me. We’re very close. I saw a video where he said I was the one who ordered the attack on him. What did he do to me?” He challenged Baba Lawori to swear by all he has that the allegation was true.

Koko Zaria explained that while at the event, he called Baba Lawori to greet him and apologized for not showing up for a previous engagement. He recalled that when Lawori returned to the stage, about two people were fighting him because he stopped the music they were enjoying.

He also claimed he did not go to the event with his boys and witnessed people hitting bottles on Lawori’s head, adding that he took Lawori to the hospital, paid his medical bills, and even gave him money.

According to him, it was he who also informed Lawori’s wife about the incident, prompting a call from Lawori the next day, in appreciation.

“I know everything that’s happening. I know those who sent you. I hand you over to God,” Koko Zaria concluded.

Police Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, responding to the video, assured that justice would be served. The Nigeria Police stated they would investigate Baba Lawori’s allegations against Koko Zaria.

“This will be investigated, and justice will be served. Many people have called me on this case,” Adejobi asserted.

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