Prophet Little-David Foc married me at 17, says reality TV star, FocKelly  

By Tosin Brown

Reality TV star, Kelly Kosisochukwu aka FocKelly has opened a can of worms on how she got married to the head pastor at Save the World Evangelical Love ministry, Prophet Little-David Foc at the age of 17.

In the latest edition of Honest Bunch Podcast, FocKelly narrated how she got married to Prophet Foc at the age of 17 in 2018 after living with him since she was 16.

In her narration, FocKelly said she was living with a foster mother, who consented to her marriage to Prophet Foc after which she moved in with him at just 16.

FocKelly, who was featured on ‘Naija Hood Rep Reality TV show’ in 2022, said she went through a lot during the marriage until she left in 2020.

The reality TV show star alleged that the pastor had sexual relationships with other women while they were still in marriage.

She shared dirty details with the anchors of the podcast about how her father and members of her paternal birth gave her out in marriage with the sum of N100,000.

However, she admitted that if her ex-husband hadn’t cheated on her with other women, she wouldn’t have frowned at her marriage at the age of 17.

FocKelly also revealed that she lost her virginity at the age of 12 when she got molested during one of her visits to her village in Anambra.

She also narrated how she went through a bad patch in 2020 after her marriage to Prophet Foc crashed. 

On why her marriage ended, FocKelly said her husband claimed that God spoke to him to divorce her and marry another woman.

FocKelly admitted that she’s not currently in any relationship. She is a popular social media influencer, who has thousands of followers on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

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