Resolve minimum wage dispute to prevent violence, CCC urges FG

The Centre for Crisis Communication (CCC), led by a group of retired generals, has called on the federal government to swiftly resolve the ongoing minimum wage dispute with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) to prevent potential violence similar to the current unrest in Kenya.

The call was made during a briefing in Abuja, where the CCC also urged the government to address other pressing issues, including the Kano emirship tussle and the Rivers State political conflict.

Major General Christopher Olukolade, Chairman of the CCC Board of Trustees, emphasized the urgent need for resolution. “Developments such as these tend to escalate into violence,” he warned, stressing that the prolonged minimum wage negotiations must be concluded promptly.

“We have identified potentially violent or volatile developments in the country which could spark unnecessary crises with far-reaching consequences for our national security if not well managed,” Olukolade stated.

He highlighted the unresolved minimum wage issue as the most critical, urging the government and the organized private sector to summon the courage to resolve it once and for all.

Olukolade also addressed the emerging trend of advocating for tax protests similar to those in Kenya.

He cautioned against adopting such measures, stating, “Those who believe that such destructive protests in Nigeria will resolve crises are mistaken. Our issues can be better managed through consensus, discussions, and necessary consultations.”

Turning to the political turmoil in Rivers State, the CCC called on all parties involved to prioritize the general interest of the people and avoid actions that could lead to further conflict.

“We urge those involved to resolve their differences peacefully to prevent a crisis in the state,” Olukolade said.

The centre also expressed concern over the Kano emirship tussle, warning that it could become another flashpoint for violence if not handled carefully. “We cannot afford to let this issue escalate alongside the situation in Rivers State,” he added.

In addition, the CCC condemned the spread of fake news and hate speech on social media, urging Nigerians to self-moderate their communications to avoid fueling further unrest.

“Nigeria’s unity and corporate existence are more important than any achievements through fake news and unnecessary sentiments,” Olukolade remarked.

He called for a national conversation on responsible social media use, emphasizing that no country can progress with the hateful communication prevalent on Nigerian social media platforms.

The briefing concluded with a call for peace and security from all citizens, and a plea for political, religious, and community leaders to work together to address underlying issues and promote dialogue.

“Nigeria’s diversity is a strength, and our differences can be resolved without unnecessary tension and crisis,” Olukolade said.

Other notable participants at the briefing included Commodore A. Aliu (Rtd), Rear Admiral Almu (Rtd), Alhaji Yushau Shaibu, and Mr. Chido Omeje.

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