Toyin Abraham declares war on social media bullies

By Tosin Brown

Renowned Nollywood actress and producer, Toyin Abraham, has issued a stern warning to social media trolls and bullies, declaring her readiness to confront them head-on.

In a recent viral Instagram video, the star of “Alakada” expressed her exhaustion from continuous online harassment and declared her willingness to go to any lengths to defend herself, even if it means risking her own life.

Speaking passionately in Yoruba, Abraham questioned the backlash she has faced for exercising her civic rights to support and vote for a political candidate.

“What is the big deal in exercising my civic rights to support a political candidate, canvass for the candidate, and vote for the candidate?” she asked.

“I have made an appeal for everyone to leave me alone, but it seems people don’t want to listen. I have my own mother, why would I arrest anyone’s mother? I have appealed, but in case you all don’t know, I am ready and willing to die, but be sure that before I die, I will take down as many bullies as possible.”

Abraham made it clear that she has reached her limit and is prepared to use all legal means to combat her harassers.

“At the moment, you guys have pushed me to the wall, and I will go to any length within the ambit of the law to ensure all the bullies go down,” she stated.

“I repeat, I am ready to die because you guys have pushed me to the wall. I did not commit any crime; I only exercised my rights. I came out, appealed, explained that I did not collect money from anyone, yet you people still attacked me and bullied me.

“When I voted for Jonathan, you guys bullied me. Now it’s Tinubu, and you have bullied me, bullied my child, and my husband. I have had it up to here, and I will fight back because you have pushed me to the wall,” she concluded.

Abraham’s video has sparked a wide range of reactions, with many applauding her courage and others continuing to criticize her political choices.

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