FAAN inaugurates Armed Aviation Security unit

By Innocent Raphael

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has inaugurated a specialized unit within its Aviation Security (AVSEC) Department.

This development follows the Presidential approval for the AVSEC to bear arms, aligning with the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

The newly armed security unit is a result of rigorous training provided to a selected number of AVSEC staff members.

The training aims to equip them with the necessary skills to handle firearms effectively, ensuring they are prepared to address any security threats that may arise within and around Nigerian airports.

The establishment of the special unit underscores FAAN’s commitment to enhancing the safety and security of passengers, staff, and airport facilities.

By adhering to ICAO’s international security standards, FAAN is taking proactive measures to prevent and respond to potential security incidents, thereby improving overall operational security at the nation’s airports.

FAAN’s Managing Director, during the inauguration ceremony, emphasized the importance of this initiative, stating that it represents a critical step in strengthening airport security infrastructure.

The armed AVSEC unit is expected to serve as a deterrent to criminal activities, ensuring a safer environment for air travel in Nigeria.

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