I wanted Alabi Lawrence the first day I saw him on TikTok, says Omotara

By Tosin Brown

A rising content creator, Omotara Lawrence, has confessed to going after her husband while they were both single.

In a recent podcast on TheCable, the content creator admitted asking Alabi out on social media the first time she found him on social media.

Omotara made the confession two years after she tied the nuptial knot with Alabi in Lagos, Nigeria.

The content creator and social media influencer also attributed Alabi’s voice to one of the many things that swept her off her feet.

“I toast (woo) him first. I am a very genuine person. I like to say my version of the story. We actually started on TikTok,” she said. “I saw him first on TikTok. He claimed to be my fan on Twitter. And I did not even know there was someone like that. When I saw him on TikTok I was like ‘I want this boy’. I told God that I want this boy. For good three or four months, he was forming for me.

“It was my friend that sent me his video on TikTok. And when I saw the video I was just like no way. His voice was very attractive. So this is this person. I went to the comment. I dropped some comments he did not reply. I said as good as I am, you did not reply.

“So I kept on doing that. Whenever I see his video I would drop comments. I think the first comment I made was will you marry me yes or yes? He did not reply. Until one time he just dropped laughing emojis .”

Reacting to the confession by his wife, Alabi said he intentionally ignored Omotara’s comments until she asked for help concerning a laptop.

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