Gowon: Strange, but true……

  1. Gowon was the only person to become Nigeria’s Head of State as a bachelor.
  2. Gowon was the only Nigerian military officer to have jumped the ranks of Colonel and Brigadier when the Supreme Military Council promoted him from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel to a Major-General on 1st June 1967.
  3. Gowon was the youngest ever Nigerian to become Head of State at 31 years.
  4. Gowon was the only one to get married while occupying the office of the Head of State.
  5. Gowon was the longest serving Nigerian Head of State (9 years at a stretch).
  6. Gowon, at 90, is Nigeria’s longest surviving former Head of State. Zik, who died at 92, was a ceremonial president.
  7. Gowon, as Head of State, had a Police ADC whose wife was Mrs Comfort Maimuna Yaroson. Comfort had a sister called Victoria Hansatu Zakari. Gowon married Victoria, so the ADC also became in-law to his boss at the same time !
  8. Gowon and Victoria had 2 children, Ibrahim Bala Gowon (born 1970) and Saratu Kenkemwa Tani Gowon (born 1972).
  9. Gowon today is the most senior surviving Nigerian military officer.

Happy 90th birthday, General Gowon !

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