LASG inks deal with Dutch firm for E-Waste Smelter Plant

Lagos State Comm. for Environment Hon. Wahab

The Lagos State Government has made a significant move towards managing the vast deposit of electronic waste in the state by signing a Letter of Intent with a Dutch company for the establishment of a smelter plant in Lagos.

The agreement, inked on Friday, signals a major step in tackling e-waste, which is often overlooked despite its environmental impact.

The signing ceremony at the State’s Secretariat in Alausa was attended by key officials, including Tokunbo Wahab, the Commissioner for the Environment and Water Resources, who signed on behalf of the state.

Wahab highlighted the economic benefits of the smelter plant, emphasizing its potential to create jobs and convert e-waste into valuable products.

“The presence of the Consul General of the Netherlands emphasizes a vote of confidence in the capabilities of ‘Close the Loop BV’,” Wahab said, adding that this initiative places Lagos ahead of many states and countries in the sub-region in e-waste management and conversion to wealth.

Wahab also noted the lack of public awareness on proper e-waste disposal, leading to environmental pollution.

He explained that improper e-waste management often results in waste ending up in landfills, being incinerated, or exported to developing countries for recycling.

The Commissioner further asserted new plant aims to change this narrative by converting e-waste locally into valuable products.

“Previously, our electronic waste was shipped out, reconverted to value, and then brought back for sale. This new plant will keep that value within Lagos,” Wahab stated.

Lagos generates 13,000 tons of waste daily, with one-third categorized as electronic waste. The smelter plant will play a crucial role in managing this waste, turning it into wealth and energy.

Special Adviser on Environment, Mr. Rotimi Akodu, expressed readiness to collaborate with “Close the Loop BV” to ensure effective e-waste management.

“We have a lot of waste that we don’t know what to do with, but now is the time to act. This partnership will help us manage and convert electronic waste effectively,” he said.

Speaking at the ceremony, Netherlands Consul General in Nigeria, Mr. Michel Deleen, praised the Lagos Government’s proactive approach, citing the quick resolution of recent flash floods as an example of the state’s efficiency.

He expressed the Netherlands’ commitment to collaborating with Lagos on waste-to-value projects, emphasizing the global importance of this initiative.

In a separate remark, Ingrid Thijssen, President of the Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers, lauded the partnership, noting its numerous mutual benefits.

“This collaboration will significantly benefit both Lagos and the Netherlands,” she said.

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