Police attack journalists advocating against police brutality in Abuja

In a shocking turn of events around Garki 2, Abuja, Nigeria, a journalist advocating against police brutality was attacked by the very authorities on 8th July, 2013, they were aiming to hold accountable.

The incident has raised concerns about the country’s safety and freedom of the press. Miss Victoria Odufuwa, a courageous journalist working to expose police brutality and corrupt practices in Nigeria, narrowly escaped the bullet of the Nigerian police force.

Recounting her harrowing ordeal, Miss Odufuwa revealed that she had been receiving threatening phone calls from individuals suspected of being affiliated with the police before the attack.

The attack on Journalists such as Miss Odufuwa and her colleagues underscores the dangerous challenges faced by those looking to shed light on issues of police misconduct and human rights violations in Nigeria.

Contrary to the theme of this year 2013, World Press Freedom Day, SAFE TO SPEAK: Securing freedom of expression in all Media. Journalism in Nigeria is under siege and journalists under massive attack.

This is the only credible avenue through which the voice of the voiceless can be heard and justice pressed for, unfortunately this has been stifled by the power that be.

The protection of Journalists and preservation of press freedom are essential pillars of a democratic society, and such attacks cannot be tolerated.

The Nigerian government must take swift and decisive action to ensure the safety and security of Journalists working to expose injustices and uphold the principles of democracy.

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