Under fire: Journalists ambushed by assassins in Police uniform

It was a chilling afternoon in the city of Abuja on December 23, 2013, a group of investigatory journalists dedicated to exposing police brutality accompanied by their lawyer, found themselves at the center of a harrowing ambush.

One of these victims of this vicious attack, Miss Odufuwa, a member of the Society Against Police Brutality in Nigeria, and other colleagues including the company lawyer, had just left the Federal High Court in Abuja, where she stood by the side of the organization’s lawyer in a quest to free her unjustly detained boss, Mr. Solomon Okoro.

 As their car made its way through the bustling streets of Abuja, the peaceful journey turned violent. Three figures clad in police uniform, but with intentions far more sinister, appeared with rifles along the expressway en route to Dutse Alhaji before returning to the office.

Gunshots pierced the air, shattering any sense of security that Miss Odufuwa and her companions had. In the chaos that ensued, the car became a battleground, and the driver along with another journalist fell victim to the assailants’ bullets.

Despite the overwhelming fear and danger, the driver refused to succumb, and he could sail them to a harbor of safety. With quick thinking and determination, they escaped on foot, fleeing into the dense cover of bushes lining the highway.

The echoes of gunfire still ringing in her ears, Miss Odufuwa recounted the harrowing ordeal, her voice unwavering in its resolve to seek justice and shed light on the dark forces at play.

The cold reality of being targeted for daring to challenge authority weighed heavily on her, but it only fueled her determination to continue her mission.

As the sun set on that fateful day, leaving behind a trail of blood and unanswered questions, Miss Victoria Odufuwa stood as a beacon of courage and resilience in the face of grave danger. The shadows of the assailants may have loomed large, but they failed to silence the unwavering voice of truth that she carried within.

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