Tinubu commends legacy of late civil servant Ayilara

Sarajudeen Ayilara

By Kunle Sanni

President Bola Tinubu has eulogized the memory of Surajudeen Tokunbo Ayilara, a former director in the Lagos State civil service and Director of the Abuja Liaison Office.

Tinubu lauded Ayilara’s unwavering dedication and loyalty to his work, marking him as a selfless and committed public servant.

Ayilara’s career was notable for his perseverance and significant contributions to Lagos State and humanity. Tinubu’s tribute painted a vivid picture of Ayilara’s life, highlighting his achievements and enduring spirit.

“Alhaji Surajudeen Tokunbo Ayilara lived a life of remarkable achievement, marked by hard work, endurance, and perseverance. Despite his frailty towards the end, he demonstrated his unyielding spirit and determination to carry on until his very last breath,” Tinubu stated.

The President recalled his first encounter with Ayilara when he was elected governor of Lagos State. At that time, Ayilara was a top official in the state’s civil service, having served as the Sole Administrator of Agege Local Government under the military administration of Colonel Buba Marwa.

One of Ayilara’s significant achievements he noted, was the completion of the then-abandoned Lagos Liaison Office in Abuja within six months.

Ayilara’s career trajectory in the Lagos Civil Service saw him rise to the position of Permanent Secretary, where he excelled in protocol and administration.

Post-retirement, Tinubu appointed him as Special Adviser, a role Ayilara continued to fulfill with dedication even after Tinubu’s tenure as governor.

Ayilara played a pivotal role in Tinubu’s political journey, particularly in the formation and registration of the progressive political parties Action Congress and Action Congress of Nigeria.

He was also a vital part of Tinubu’s presidential campaign team, managing campaign accounts and serving as a liaison with influential political figures.

Describing Ayilara as more than just a staff member or adviser, Tinubu called him a trusted associate, friend, brother, and dependable partner.

“It is possible that many of our achievements would not have been possible without his guidance and partnership. Ayilara was equally devoted to his family and friends, spending most of his life serving others and giving generously to those in need. He was a humanitarian who embodied the spirit of selflessness,” Tinubu said.

In his closing remarks, President Tinubu expressed deep gratitude for Ayilara’s services to Lagos State and his family, extending heartfelt condolences to Ayilara’s wife and children, Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, and the people of Lagos State.

“I will never forget Alhaji Ayilara, nor will Lagos State or anyone who knew him,” Tinubu affirmed.

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