Fuel subsidy: TUC demands N200,000 minimum wage

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has asked the Federal Government to increase the minimum wage from N30,000 to N200,000 to cushion the effects of the removal of fuel subsidy on Nigeria workers.

This was part of the demands of the TUC during its meeting with representatives of the Federal Government on Sunday as contained in the communique signed by TUC President, Festus Osifo and Secretary General, Nuhu Toro.

The TUC also ask the Federal Government to return the pump price which was increased to between N488 and N550 across to country to status quo ante as discussions go on between both parties.

President Bola Tinubu in his inaugural speech after being sworn in as president on May 29, declared an end of the fuel subsidy regime.

Part of the demands of the TUC was also a tax holiday for employees both in government and private sector that earn less than N200,000 or $S00 monthly whichever is higher.

Other demands include: “PMS Allowance to be introduced for those earning between N200,000 to NS00,000 or $S00 to $1,200 whichever is higher.

“The Exchange rate for retailing PMS in the country must be kept within a limit of +- 2% for the· next ten ( 10) years where the fluctuation is more that 2%,the minimum wage will automatically increase at the same rate.

“Setting up of intervention fund where government will be paying N10per liter on all locally consumed PMS. The primary purpose of this fund is to solve perennial and protracted national issues in education, health and housing. A governance structure that will include labour, civil society and government will be put in place to manage the implementation.

“Federal government should provide mass transit vehicles for all categories of the populace.

“State Governments should immediately set up a subsidized transportation system to reduce the pressure on workers and students. The framework around this will beworked out.

“Immediate review of the National Health Insurance Scheme to cover more Nigerians and prevent out of stock of drugs

Visitation of the refineries that are currently undergoing rehabilitation to ascertain state of work and Setting up timeline for its completion.

“The president should direct who ever will be labour minister to immediately constitute the National Labour Advisory Council (NLAC). This platform will be used by government, Labour and employer to discuss issues and policies of government that mayaffect workers and all other mandate as specified in the law.

“Provision of subsidy directly for food items, the 800million dollars could be a first step.

“The existing National Housing Fund (NHF} should be made accessible to genuine workers; the framework on this must be discussed and agreed.

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