Why we ignored Gov Yusuf’s order to evict Bayero – Kano Police Commissioner

By Innocent Raphael

Kano State Police Commissioner, AIG Usaini Gumel, has clarified why the police ignored Governor Abba Yusuf’s directive to evict the deposed Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero, from the Nasarawa mini palace.

Governor Yusuf, through the State Attorney General and Commissioner of Justice, Haruna Dederi, had instructed the police to remove Bayero from the palace on Thursday night.

However, in a Friday telephone interview with The Punch, Commissioner Gumel stated that complying with the governor’s order would be “jumping the gun.”

Gumel explained that the state government had simultaneously filed a case regarding the eviction order at the State High Court, which is scheduled for a hearing on Monday, June 24, 2024. He emphasized that acting on the eviction order before the court’s decision would pre-empt the legal process.

“The police will not evict the deposed Emir because the same government has filed a case at the State High Court on the eviction order, which is coming up on the 24th of June, 2024. So, if we carry out the order, it is like we are pre-empting the court because we don’t know what will happen at the court,” Gumel said.

Meanwhile, security around the Nasarawa mini palace has been increased. A Punch correspondent visiting the palace at 11:30 am reported an augmented presence of security personnel, with all four major routes to the palace blocked.

Despite the governor’s directive, the deposed Emir remains in the palace with his guards and supporters.

One of Bayero’s supporters, speaking anonymously, confirmed that the Emir continues to receive “traditional greetings” from loyal traditional rulers.

Importantly too, the supporter debunked rumors circulating on social media about a bulldozer being stationed at the palace in preparation for demolition, calling it “social media propaganda.”

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