NLC denies plans to resume strike on Tuesday

By Innocent Raphael

The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has refuted claims that organized labour will restart the recently suspended nationwide strike on Tuesday.

This clarification comes after a misinterpretation of comments made by Chris Onyeka, the Assistant General Secretary of the NLC, during a morning interview on Channel’s TV.

In a phone conversation with our reporter, Onyeka clarified the situation, stating, “The video of my interview with Channel’s TV clearly shows that I did not say labour would resume the strike on Tuesday. When asked about the possibility, I explained that since labour and the government agreed to conclude minimum wage negotiations within a week, that timeframe ends on Tuesday.

“The labour centres will then deliberate on the negotiation outcomes and decide on a course of action. I am surprised by the false reports claiming I said the strike would resume.”

Similarly, an NLC National Executive Council (NEC) member, speaking anonymously, indicated that the labour centres are unlikely to convene soon, as many leaders have traveled to Geneva for the International Labour Conference of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

“We in labour do not act impulsively. We thoroughly assess situations, review agreements, and discuss them within all our organs before taking any action. While we paused the strike to finalize negotiations, we await the government’s next steps before deciding on any further action.

“Although some governors have stated they cannot pay above N60,000, we believe ongoing discussions, and President Tinubu’s involvement will help advocate for a living wage for Nigerian workers. Nonetheless, we are not resuming the strike on Tuesday,” the NEC member explained.

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