Cholera: Tinubu directs committee to tackle surge in outbreak

Kunle Sanni

President Bola Tinubu has directed that a cabinet committee comprising some ministries and state governments be constituted to address the issues surrounding the outbreak of cholera and reduce the challenge of open defecation.

The Committee is expected to coordinate emergency operation centres being overseen by the national centre for disease control.

The Minister of Health and Social Welfare. Ali Pate,  disclosed this after the Federal Executive Council FEC meeting presided over by President Tinubu at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Western Post Online reported last week that the federal government announced its plan to conduct a nationwide quality analysis and fact-finding revaluation process.

This initiative aims to determine the causes and assess the impact of the recent surge of the deadly disease Cholera, which has affected various parts of Nigeria.

Cholera is a highly infectious disease caused by the bacterium Vibrio cholerae.

Several outbreak of cholera in some States of the Federation has since resulted in the death of 30 persons which attests to the severity of the situation, official records reports.

In reaction to the development, the Minister noted that the scourge of cholera is a developmental and multisectoral health issue that must be jointly managed by all Nigerians, emphasising the need to strengthen pandemic prevention and the ability to respond to it.

Pate added that the Council also approved the upgrade of Health infrastructure through the engagement of a transaction adviser to expand, modernise and refurbish six teaching hospitals equipment under the Public Private Partnership for 20 years.

Pate said in addition that the Council also approved the expansion of the pathology lab and mortuary at the University College Hospital (UCH), as well as the building of hostels for nurses at the same hospital.

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