Explore investment opportunities in Ebonyi, Gov Nwifuru urges global investors

By Innocent Raphael 

Governor Francis Ogbonna Nwifuru of Ebonyi State, Nigeria, has made a compelling case for international and domestic investors to explore the myriad opportunities in his state.

He stated this on Wednesday at the Tunisia-Africa Investment and Trade Conference held at Hotel Laico, highlighting the theme “Financing Investment and Trade in Africa”.

Governor Nwifuru, while showcasing Ebonyi as a prime destination for business growth and development, emphasized the state’s readiness to support and protect investments through robust legal frameworks, particularly citing the Ebonyi State Investment Promotion, Investors Protection, Concession and Regulatory Commission Law of 2019. 

He assured potential investors of a business-friendly environment free from unnecessary bureaucracies, lowered taxes, and simplified registration processes.

Ebonyi State boasts a strong infrastructure, including one of Nigeria’s best road networks and the Chuba Okadigbo International Airport, which features a 3.1km runway and state-of-the-art facilities. This infrastructure supports seamless business operations and logistics, making the state accessible for both local and international trade.

The governor also highlighted Ebonyi’s commitment to leveraging globalization through interstate integration, advocating for increased openness to trade and investment. He stressed that the state is poised to play a significant role in Africa’s economic growth and development.

Investments in education and technology are also a priority for the Ebonyi government, as Governor Nwifuru announced the ongoing construction of the University of ICT in Izzi Local Government and the University of Aeronautic Engineering in Ezza. Additionally, the state is funding scholarships for 1,000 students in critical fields such as data analysis to enhance its workforce and drive technological innovation.

In industrialization, he revealed that Ebonyi has revitalized its Pipe Production Company and enhanced its Fertilizer and Chemical Company, which produces a variety of fertilizers, adding that the state is also advancing its agricultural sector with three rice production industries in each senatorial zone and the Abakaliki Rice Mill, known for producing Nigeria’s best rice.

The governor further highlighted the state’s environmental initiatives, including the installation of Municipal Waste Sorting Plants at the Umuoghara Recycling Plant. By December 2024, Ebonyi’s Pulverization Plant is expected to be fully operational, aligning with the state’s Waste-to-Wealth Initiative.

He concluded by commending President Kais Saied and the event organizers, urging global business leaders to consider Ebonyi State as a lucrative investment destination.

“Ebonyi State is ready for investment and trade,” Governor Nwifuru declared, inviting the world to participate in the state’s journey toward economic prosperity and sustainable development.

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