Food Security: Southwest governors to finalize strategies on clearing cluster farmlands

The six governors from the Southwest region would this week finalize strategies on clearing cluster farmlands for massive food production, as they have directed their agriculture commissioners to quickly build on the plan developed during their meeting recently, WESTERN POST gathered.

It was gathered that each State government is to support farmers to clear farmlands in cluster positions to the tune of 1,000 hectares each at the minimum.

The idea of cluster farming, which has the advantage of economy of scale, will also make it easier for Amotekun to secure the farms, ease off-taking of produce from farmers and eliminate middle men, thereby ultimately reducing food prices.

It was learnt that the States will also engage small holder farmers and support them with clearing, seeds and security.

The Governor also agreed to develop irrigation to move the region from rainfall farming to all-year farming.

It would be recalled that last week, President Bola Tinubu had given governors one week to come up with a realistic template on how they intend to boost food production in their states.

This week, the governors are expected to submit their plan to the President who had indicated willingness of the Federal Government to support the States in massive food production. 

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